Planned Neuro-MIG Activities during Grant Period 3 (1/5/2019 - 30/4/2020)


Working Group 3 meeting: VOUS validation. 31 MAY 2019, Dresden, Germany (Local Organizer: Nataliya Di Donato) 


Working Group 1 and 2 + Management Committee meeting: Standardization of HPO terms for MCD + Prenatal Task Force. 28 JUNE 2019, Barcelona, Spain (Local Organizer: David Gomez Andres)


EPNS Satellite Meeting on MCD.  17 SEPTEMBER 2019, Athens, Greece (Organizing committee: Daniela Pilz, Dina Amron, Nadia Bahi-Buisson, Anna Jansen)


Working Group 3 and 5 meeting + Management Committee Meeting: Work towards a genomic variant review panel. 7 NOVEMBER 2019, Marseille, France (Local Organizer: Carlos Cardoso)


Training School: Clinical management of brain malformations. 5 - 6 MARCH 2020, Bucharest, Romania (Local Organizer: Magdalena Budisteanu)


Working Groups 1+2 meeting: Standardization of MCD clinical and radiologic diagnosis. 16 - 17 APRIL 2020, Utrecht, the Netherlands (Local Organizers: Renske Oegema and Maarten Lequin)